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Why buy a Business Series laptop?

The ability to keep these laptops up and running, and have them serviced in a timely manner is key to keeping a business humming along.

Reasons to buy a business level, heavy-duty machine


Business laptops are designed to handle the rigors of the road. Often this means the laptops are built with more metal in the case compared with a consumer laptop’s use of plastic.  Shock-resistant features and semi-ruggedized designs help protect business laptops from short drops and demanding use.


You will find a lot of the same hardware components used in business and consumer laptops. Solid-state storage drives are an option for some business laptops. These hard drives don’t have the moving components found in regular spinning drives and therefore hold up to accidental drops much better.


Many consumer laptops are available with bright colors, light-up keyboards, and eye-catching designs. Business laptops dispense with the fashion statements and keep a low profile. This helps them blend into any business setting and lends a professional look to the laptop user


Business laptops often feature longer standard warranties than consumer laptops. Consumer laptops typically come with a one-year warranty while business laptops may come with a three-year warranty. This fits in well with the planned upgrade cycle for many companies and ensures that the laptops are always covered.

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